• What is a linoleum carving?
  • Do you take tattoo commissions or can I get your work tattooed?
    • I do not take tattoo commissions because I’m not a tattoo artist, and there are loads of amazingly talented tattoo artists out there ready to create something for you. However, I would be absolutely honored and flattered to have my work permanently added to someone’s body, and you may use my previously created work for a tattoo if you abide by the following conditions:
      1. My art may not be edited or changed unless it is absolutely necessary to make the piece work as a tattoo
      2. If you or the tattoo artist post a photo of the tattoo at anytime, I must be tagged and credited for the artwork
      3. Tattoo artists may not use or keep my work in their shop collections or on their flash sheets
      4. This is optional, but if you plan on using my work as a tattoo, I ask that you make a donation (please include your name and “tattoo donation” or purchase a print of the piece in my store to use as your reference